Travel Services

Carpe Diem Holdings operates two travel companies, Biblical & Educational Journeys and Mediterranean Study Abroad. It is the desire of the firm to promote education and international cultural learning through these two companies.

Biblical & Educational Journeys

Biblical & Educational Journeys is a Christian Based company that is committed to bringing travel opportunities to University and Church groups. We feel that our programs will give individuals the chance to learn more about history, different cultures, and their own personal faith. We believe that seeing firsthand the places written about in the Bible can be a transformative experience, one that every Christian should have the opportunity to participate in.

Biblical & Educational Journeys is the US representative of Aristotle Travel. Aristotle Travel is a Christian Travel Agency based in Athens, Greece. Their guides specialize in Biblical archaeology and know the text of the New Testament well concerning the sites that Christian groups will be visiting. Their excellent and knowledgeable staff all speak English fluently as well as other languages such as: French, Italian, German, Russian and Turkish. We are confident that our organization will make your overseas experience something to always remember.

Mediterranean Study Abroad

The Mediterranean study abroad program in Greece is the perfect program for an international study experience. Our company works with ALBA University which is based in the seaside town of Vouliagmeni, in Athens, Greece. At ALBA's beautiful campus students can learn from faculty from their home institution or from the top-notch faculty at ALBA all while taking in the culture of the historically rich country of Greece. Because of Athens ideal location we are able to supplement the learning in the classroom with first-hand experiences through tours of historical and biblical sites in the region, weekend destinations include: Italy, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and of course sites in Greece. The program is uniquely designed to benefit all individuals that are involved. During the four week program students are able to earn up to 6 credit hours while enjoying an awesome cross-cultural experience and faculty from U.S. institutions have the opportunity to travel abroad and teach, while being compensated for their efforts.