Imports and Exports

Carpe Diem Holdings' Import and Export division can help transform your company into a global player in your industry. Through our strategic partnerships and alliances we are able to secure the most effective route to sell your products to the United States or virtually any other market globally.

Our Import and Export division specializes in food and industrial products, providing consumers with exceptional products that impact their everyday life. We work with manufacturers of high quality products that have a desire to expand their current operations to a global level.

The import business can be a very complex one, but with our extensive knowledge and contacts we are confident that we can provide the services that your company needs, whether it be a market feasibility study, the development of overseas clients, or the actual management and distribution of products.

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Partner Companies

Kyknos SA is a Greek company involved mainly in tomato procession and fruit and vegetable canning. It was set up in 1911 at Assini Peloponnese, as a small tomato paste and vegetable canning workroom. In 1915 and under extremely hard conditions, because of the War, the first article of association for "KYKNOS GREEK CANNING COMPANY" was composed. Today, after a century of successful operating, Kyknos' food industry holds a leading place in the Greek market and carries out significant export activity. The company’s head offices are in Nafplio Peloponnese, where the company’s first factory was installed, while the production and distribution centers are located in Savalia in the Ilia region. The production capacity of Savalia factory reaches 2,100 tons of fresh raw material daily. In the productive period - mid July to mid September - employees outnumber 400 people.

The Union of Agricultural Co-operative of Monofatsi was established in 1968. It compromises of 11 primary Cooperatives and has 1,600 members. It is based in Asimi, in the heart of the fertile Messara plains of Iraklio. The Union of Agricultural Co-operative of Monofatsi has modern standardization facilities in which the olive oil is bottled. Their products are: Pasiphae extra virgin olive oil, the organic olive oil Pasihae Bio and the virgin olive oil Kotinos.

Etanap is the proud bottler of Greco and Grecian Life water. Etanap was founded in 1980 in Crete and has been providing quality bottled water to the local Cretan market since then. In the Cretan market Etanap enjoys a 35% market share with its mainline brand Samaria. Their annual production reaches 30 million bottles each year. Samaria is currently sold in wholesale companies, supermarkets, kiosks, restaurants and gas stations throughout Crete. They are also the number one supplier to the U.S. military base in Greece.

Olympia-Xenia was established in 1968. Olympia-Xenia's name is derived from Ancient Olympia since their factory is located in Olympia. Their top Extra Virgin Olive oil also bears the name Olympia as a PGI top rated product. Olympia-Xenia is, by far, the leader in packaged olives and olive pate, in the Greek market, while in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil it stands amongst the top raters. Having its products distributed in Greece, USA, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and Cyprus, the company's mission is: To make its products well known worldwide, like in Greece, as "Fine quality Greek Products".

P.H. Trikomitis
The cheese factory Trikomitis started from Trikomo of Famagusta as a family business in the year 1947. It began producing and selling Halloumi, Anari, Kefalotyri, Anari Cheese, etc. After the Turkish Invasion it has moved to Ipsonas at Limassol. At 1990 Ph.Tricomitis established the company Philippos Tricomitis & Sons L.T.D. In November of 2004, it moved to the industrial area of Saint Silas of Limassol. The company's factory was built by the European Union rules and conditions and also gets the HAACP Certification from ELOT. The products of our Cheese Factory are: Halloumi Cheese, Anari (fresh & dry), and all kinds of yogurt in different packages. Our milk products are distributed to all Cyprus. Our basic export country is nowadays U.S.A.