Fund Raising

The resources are "out there". And with CDHI's extensive contact network, we can help you find them. However, donors must not only share your vision, but also have faith in your organization's ability to bring it to fruition.

CDHI Fund Raising consultation enables you to clearly communicate your vision not just as a good idea, but also as one backed by solid planning, realistic objectives, and tangible evidence of an unwavering commitment to integrity and responsible stewardship.

CDHI helps your organization develop a comprehensive strategy in order to raise the necessary funds for the realization of major campaigns. During the last few years, over one trillion dollars were donated to charitable organizations, and CDHI stands ready to assist your organization in achieving its goals.

To help you identify the needs, we start by developing a feasibility study, creating a case statement, assisting in developing the funding goals, and analyzing the present conditions. We identify and develop the funding strategies for both major and regular donors. In addition, we consult with organizations regarding annual funding campaigns, planning major events, and training volunteers in establishing long-range plans for meeting ongoing capital needs. Furthermore, our model of donor cultivation provides your organization exciting opportunities by building bridges in areas that had not been reached before. Let us walk with you in re-building walls with innovative funding methods.

We assist in terms of corporate and foundation giving, and also consult in developing stewardship and endowment plans, so crucial for viable, responsible, and efficient operations.

Remember that we can help you focus on creating a case statement, defining goals, creative brainstorming, finding the right resources, cultivating major donors, and establishing ongoing support.