Business Consultation

Carpe Diem Holdings has a very knowledgeable team that can provide services that are essential to the life and vitality of your business. Whether it is the development of a business plan for a new company, financial restructuring of an existing company we have the solutions you are looking for. We specialize in the following areas of business consultation:

Business Development, Plans & Market Penetration

Buyouts, Mergers, Acquisitions & Funding Strategies

Fundraising Campaigns & Capital Budgeting

Financial Restructuring

Managerial & Strategic Planning

Corporate Structuring & Outsourcing

Value Chain Analysis


Marketing/Branding/Sales Promotions

Market Surveys/Competitive Research


Corporate Risk Assessment

Import & Export Consultation

Corporate Governance & Board Training

International Analysis of Macro & Micro trends with an emphasis on trigger points (where countries are in a watershed moment of change)

International Project Development (especially in the areas of: construction and healthcare)

We are here to assist your company with whatever unique needs are currently facing your business. We are committed to providing top quality service that leads to a thriving business for you! Please contact us today for more information on how we can partner with your company.